Signal Hill Property Owners' Association, Inc.
A private gated neighborhood in South Tulsa


  • What is SHPOAINC?
    • SHPOAINC is the abbreviation for Signal Hill Property Owners' Association, Inc.  It is a non-profit entity that was established to manage the neighborhood's covenants and care for the common areas owned by SHPOAINC, such as the gates, streets, greenbelt areas, etc.     
  • How and when do I become a member of the SHPOAINC?
    • One becomes a member of SHPOAINC only upon financial closing of a vacant lot or an existing home in Signal Hill.  Lot owners are entitled to one vote for each owned lot and are responsible for dues associated with each lot.
  • I am interested in purchasing a lot and/or building a house in Signal Hill.  Who should I contact to find out more information about the neighborhood?
    • Prospective buyers can become more familiar with Signal Hill by reviewing this website, with particular attention to the Governance (e.g., covenants, Architectural Design Guidelines, etc.) and Local Information (e.g., public schools, utilities, etc.) pages.  More information can be obtained by contacting the SHPOA President.
  • I am a builder that is considering building a house in Signal Hill.  What information can you provide me to ensure that I am apprised of the neighborhood deed restrictions and follow all of the building guidelines?
    • Please review the covenants listed on the Governance page and the Architectural Design Guidelines listed on this page.  Additional guidance can be obtained by contacting the SHPOA President.
  • What is Signal Hill I vs. Signal Hill II?
    • These were the two different phases of development.  Generally, Signal Hill I is the northern and eastern sections of the development and Signal Hill II is the southern and western sections of the development.  While both are a part of SHPOAINC, each has its own set of covenants.
  • As a resident, how do I find out more information about the security gates, e.g., when is the front gate open, how can I get another remote controller or pass card, etc?
  • I am about to replace my roof.  What choices do I have for the type of roofing materials?
    • Note that only a few types of roofs are approved for Signal Hill and only one type of composition shingle.  The approved materials, which are itemized in the Architectural Design Guidelines, are:
      • Natural slate
      • Clay or concrete tiles
      • Fire retardant wood shingles
      • The "Grand Manor" model of the heavy duty tab-type composition shingle in the "Colonial Slate" color manufactured by "Certainteed"
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